About Us

Our company

We specialists in making new and selling used stainless steel kitchens’ equipment since 1970. With many years of experience, we provide customers with the highest quality of work equipment standard (SUS 304 grade). Our factory sell all kinds of stainless steel kitchen & catering equipment. We supply to: hawkers, coffee-shop, restaurants, cafes, bakeries and pastry.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Designs

We offer all-in-one solutions

  • Consultation of floor plan drawing to show the best way to place your kitchen equipment for NEA approval. Thus save time and money without any delay on their rental payments
  • We supply kitchen equipment and installation based on your budget. (Mixture of new and used equipment)
  • Onsite measurement face to face consultation
  • Customization and fabrication according to your measurement
  • After sales technical support, such as maintenance of fridge compressor, burner ring, heating elements, welding and cutting